How much will I pay?

Interested in becoming a client?  Please complete this short initial planning profile questionnaire.

Clients pay a flat fee, typically between $3,600 and $6,500 to cover all pertinent areas of their financial plan and to have unlimited access to me for a follow-up support period (usually 3 to 12 months).  Most clients work with me on an ongoing basis but that is not mandatory.

If you are looking for an experienced (25+ years) and credentialed financial planner who doesn't force you to give up control of your accounts or enter into a perpetual money management arrangement, and if your financial net worth is greater than $250k and/or your household income is greater than $150k, we can collaborate together very cost-effectively.

I will quote you a firm, flat fee after you complete a short initial planning profile questionnaire. The fee I quote you will be very competitive in comparison to other advisers and brokers.

Planning engagements typically cover one or more of the following topical areas of personal finance:

  • Asset allocation, recommended funds, and risk tolerance evaluation
  • Investment portfolio planning
  • Retirement and goal scenario analysis
  • Defined benefit pension planning
  • Social Security planning and strategy
  • Life insurance needs analysis
  • Education funding analysis
  • Deferred compensation, stock options, non-qualified plan advice
  • General financial planning discussion