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These headlines appeared within a month of the recent stock market low on March 23, 2020.
As of this writing (August 26, 2020), the S&P 500 is up 55% not including dividends.

'This Is 1929' Hedge Fund Bear Warns of Great Depression-Style Stock Market Crash
‘Bearmageddon’ for stocks appears to be upon us, strategist says
Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded
Billionaire Ray Dalio says world’s largest hedge fund ‘didn’t know how to navigate’ coronavirus stock-market selloff and should have ‘cut all risk’ but failed to react
Top forecaster who exited stocks weeks ago predicts ‘rolling bear markets’ until 2022
This coronavirus driven financial crisis is perhaps the worst of all time – expert
Roubini warns on 'severe' coronavirus recession, says everyone needs $1K payment
Coronavirus sparking financial crisis, Wall Street is toast
Hedge fund manager – Market ‘purging’ could lead to a plunge of ‘at least 74%’
Now's Not the Time to Buy - RealMoney
Nouriel Roubini warns there's a risk of a 'Greater Depression' as coronavirus spreads
'Unrecognizable' -- Experts warn of historic collapse in economic activity
When Will the S&P 500 Bottom? Stock Market Experts Say It Could Hit This Number Before Stabilizing. - Barron's
Stocks will face ‘long road’ back to the highs when bear market bottoms, says analyst who called 2018 swoon
Coronavirus stock market rally triggers major S&P 500 sell signal – the dreaded 'death cross'
The Next Leg Down – Another Massive Decline Is Coming – Seeking Alpha
Why this wild coronavirus rally has Wall Street experts fearing a bull-market trap
After Coronavirus ‘War,’ Bretton Woods-Style Shakeup Could Dethrone the Dollar
Jim Rogers expects ‘Worst Bear Market in My Lifetime’ in Coming Years
Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach bets stocks March lows to be surpassed in April
Investors shouldn't let a stock market sucker's rally fool them
Dow 15,000 very likely as coronavirus pandemic hits U.S. economy – strategist
More than one-third of small businesses may not last a month – poll
Jobless claims soar to record-breaking 6.648 million
Investor who called coronavirus collapse – Stocks aren't even close to a bottom
Investors should prepare for a coronavirus-induced ‘vicious spiral’ more than twice as bad as the financial crisis, says J.P. Morgan
Why This Stock Market Rally Is More Dangerous Than The Coronavirus Stock Market Crash – Investor's Business Daily
Economist – ‘The economy has fallen into the abyss’
The Stock Market Has Become One Big Value Trap
Investor who predicted the start of the 2009 bull market -- Beware of a double bottom
Greed overtakes fear in the stock market, but don’t be lured into this short-lived rally
Wall Street star money manager says S&P 500 could plunge to 1,500 in worst case, with coronavirus fallout lingering for years