Certified Kingdom Advisor CKA® in Frisco Texas

As a Christ follower, what should you look for in a financial advisor?

  • A biblical worldview with God as the ultimate authority – a Christian financial professional should operate within a higher standard established by God and should adhere to biblical principles.
  • An emphasis on stewardship – a Christian financial professional should understand that God owns everything and that we are only managers (Psalm 24:1).
  • An eternal perspective on money – a Christian financial professional should help the client set a biblical worldview of their financial future as opposed to a “secular” worldview - funding God’s Kingdom as a focal point instead of accumulating money for the client’s use only.
  • Responsible spending – a Christian financial professional should focus on avoiding a consumptive lifestyle by living within one’s means, spending less than one earns, saving and investing, and viewing the use of debt as something that should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Integrity – a Christian financial professional should maintain the highest level of professional integrity by maintaining confidential relationships with his or her clients and by having a firm commitment to operate within the law. Christian financial professionals should also put the client’s best interest above their own.
  • Professional competency – a Christian financial professional should have obtained the proper education, training and designation(s) to prepare him or her to perform comprehensive financial services for his or her client while always striving to improve his competence to practice.
  • A good reputation – Proverbs tells us that, “a good name is more desirable than great riches,” and “to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” A Christian financial professional should be held in high regard by his/her peers and clients, and he/she should be considered a leader in the community and church in which they belong.

The above description comes from Kingdom Advisors, the organization committed to training and discipling Christian financial planners so that they may further counsel and minister to their clients.

That's a tall order. One that I strive to fulfill. I hope you will spend some time here learning about me, my practice, my values, and my Christian walk and then consider partnering with me to develop a God-honoring financial plan rooted in scripture with Jesus as the focus (Col 1:18).

In His Service,
John Gay, CFP®, CKA®