Let's work together

I work with a variety of people from diverse age groups, occupations, and investing life stages. All, however, tend to have a few similarities. While these aren't necessarily requirements, they do represent elements that, when present, provide a great path to a successful collaboration:

  • Investable assets (including company retirement plans, IRAs, and brokerage accounts) of $500,000 and/or household income of $250,000 or more.
  • Shared investment philosophy
  • Desire and ability to work together virtually rather than in-person, including having access to a desktop computer with at least a 20" screen.
  • Ability and willingness to handle administrative and clerical chores (such as completing paperwork and calling financial institutions when necessary).
  • Technology-savvy:
  1. Ability to print, scan, and upload documents.
  2. Read and reply to email daily.
  3. High comfort level with online web browsing and accessing websites.
  4. Ability to securely communicate and pass information virtually.
  5. General preference for paperless/digital filing and recordkeeping.

If this describes you, there is a great likelihood that we will work very well together. Please complete this short pre-planning profile to get started.